Monday, October 19, 2009

Mojo Monday Re-Make

I really hope you're not getting tired of seeing MDS projects.  I'm having so much fun learning this software.  This card is a re-make of the traditional card I made for Mojo Monday last week.  I substituted the "Tree Trimmings" stamp set in the Christmas Jingle Designer Kit for the Patterned Pines stamp set and went from there.

Just a few tips:
  • To make the Old Olive background paper, I set the background paper to Old Olive.  Next, I "stamped" snowflakes from the Snow Burst stamp brush set randomly over the entire piece.  I moved the opacity down for a lighter effect.  (P.S. I came up with the snowflake idea AFTER I had created the entire card.  I found it was easier to add a blank second page and add my snowflakes to it, group them, copy them back to the first page and choose to send them to the back.  It kept me from having to move everything around.)
  • The "string" stamp in the Tree Trimmings stamp brush set wasn't working exactly like I wanted it to.  When I re-sized it to make it shorter, the bow became too small.  So, I made my own "string" starting with a 1.25 square punch.  I filled it with Chocolate Chip ink.  Next, I sized it down to be 2 pixels wide.  You can easily size the objects by right-clicking while your cursor is resting over the object.  The x and y numbers are the horizontal and vertical locations of your image.  The bottom numbers control the width and height.  Be sure to un-check the "keep proportions" box when you make this particular change or you'll wind up with just a dot. 
  • One of my favorite features is Edit, Lock Object.  That's literally what it does...locks your object(s) to the page.  Why is that important?  Because when you try to select a group of objects, you are probably going to get images in the group that you don't want.  If you lock the objects you don't want to group, you won't pick them up when you make your selection.  My biggest issue was remembering to "unlock" them.  I've fussed at my computer quite a few times because I couldn't make a change only to discover that I had locked the object.
Until tomorrow....

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