Friday, July 16, 2010

Petal Card Punch Box

I'd like to share a teeny tiny little box with you's only 1" square.  It's made using the new Petal Card XL Double Punch.  It's a really cool punch because not only does it punch the card stock - it also scores it.  What's inside my teeny tiny box?  That would be a Snickers Mini.  Yum!

This little box is not my idea.  I've seen the same box made with the Petal Card Sizzix Die several places on the Internet, so I'm not sure where it originated.  Below is a really quick tutorial on how to make it.

Start with 4 petal card punch pieces.

Clip off one petal from each card.

Adhere the cards together as pictured above.  The petal on the left-hand side
will connect with the card on the right-hand side to complete the box.

Tuck the flaps in on bottom of the box to form the base. 
This is how you will close up the top of your box once you put your goodie inside.
 Note: I also punched a 1" square and glued it to the inside bottom of the box for a little more stability.

Decorate your box, fill it with a treat and tie a ribbon around it
(I used some double-sided tape to help hold my ribbon in place).  You're done!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a cute box! I have the petal die and looking for more ideas on how to use it, THANKS!! Saw your box on SCS.

  2. That's just an adorable box, you are so creative and clever!

    Thanks for sharing, I am happy I found your blog!


  3. A tiny bit of pink cuteness! Love the ribbon. :)

  4. What great fun!! The ladies are going to luv your idea..thanks so very much!!