Saturday, February 25, 2012

Update on Ben

Well, it's been quite the week.  My sweet son had to go through two surgeries...4 hours on Monday and 10 hours (actual "surgery" time) on Tuesday.  He was kept on a ventilator Monday to keep him sedated and the plan was to spend an extra night with it Tuesday night after the "big" surgery.  The surgeries took a greater toll on his body than expected which really isn't surprising,  He isn't as strong as typical boys his age.  We had hoped the breathing tube would be removed today, but yesterday he was having respiratory difficulties and they discovered he has some lung issues (I'm not going to give you the exact name..we don't need to be Googling it...although I did).  The good news is they found the problem; the bad news is that the breathing tube has to stay in for 3-4 more days.  It's a matter of balancing everything they're doing for him and letting his body recover from the trauma.  He also spiked a high temp yesterday, but fortunately, it's down.  We're waiting on cultures to see if he has an infection.

Today has been a much better day.  Good vital signs and low temperature.  They've cut back on the sedation a little, so he's responded some to us today which means he's "still in there."  We don't want him too awake...Monday some of the sedation was wearing off after the first surgery and our fighter tried to pull the breathing tube out.  Luckily, he just disconnected it  rather than ripping it out and the nurses were right there and able to get the situation (and me...) under control. 

I hope I don't quickly forget this experience (and I don't believe I ever will).  Things can always be the two families who lost children on the floor early this morning.  At one point, there was total silence on the floor except for a mother hysterically crying.  My heart broke for her.  I've always known it, but this experience has proven it....things can always be worse.  I need to really work on being content with my situation and not getting bogged down in the details or what ifs or what could have beens.

Doctors are awesome, but if you know a nurse...tell her/him how much you appreciate what they do!  When they really have a "calling" for nursing, they are true "care"givers.  I can't begin to say enough about the awesome nurses in the PICU.  They not only treat my child as if he were their own, they provide emotional support, translate the doctor "speak" and teach me new things every day.

Thanks so much for your prayers.  If you would have told me a week ago we'd be in this situation, I probably would have had a nervous breakdown.  However, God really has been with us (me) and I know a large part of that is due to the prayers of friends, family and even strangers.  Again, thank you and please keep them coming.

I know this is the "calm before the storm" because Ben will probably not be very happy when he comes out of this, but for once, I'm looking forward to a storm!

Take care,

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  1. Hey, Beth! I'm so sorry you guys and Ben have had such a rough week. We're praying for Ben as well as you and David. Isn't it funny how our perspective changes during times when we're "looking forward to a storm"? Makes one so aware of their blessings. Love you!

  2. Beth, We are so sorry that Ben (and all of you) have had such a difficult week. I'm so glad to hear that his fever is down and the doctors are able to ease up on his sedation a bit. You are so much stronger than you think you are; God has equipped you to be able to handle these "storms" and you have made it with His strength. We are continuing to pray for Ben and your family. We love you!

  3. On my way to church to lift up Ben in prayer. I have walked in your shoes with a son who had heart surgery. Those machines are frightening to moms. I am glad you have been blessed with a great nursing team. I know the this with you in this valley time and Ben and family will be on that mountain top in no time.
    Trish B in KY