Saturday, March 3, 2012

Maybe Closer to Home....

The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy.  A lot of scenarios (not pleasant ones) have gone through my head before the surgery and while Ben was on the ventilator.  However, I had no idea of the nightmare that would await after he was taken off of the ventilator Tuesday night.

Fortunately, he was breathing well off of the ventilator.  The nightmare came with withdrawal from the drugs they had him on in the PICU for so long. I won't go into details about what happened and why, but it took a couple of days before he was started on a weening protocol.  He went without sleep for 4 days!  It was so hard to see him suffering from withdrawal. If kids could see that first-hand, they would NEVER touch drugs!! 

The plan they have him on seems to be finally kicking in and he actually slept last night.  Everything is fine with the actual surgery.  It's a testament to our awesome surgeon (with a lot of help from prayers answered) that his incisions are still looking good even after all of the "movement" he had with the withdrawal.

If things continue to improve and he's finally able to work with Physical Therapy to sit up and make transfers to his wheelchair, we MAY be able to go home sometime the first of next week.  We're so looking forward to that day! 

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I can't wait to get back to life as usual...including making cards!

Take care,

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  1. So glad to see an update. Even though I have only been here admiring your work in the past I have been praying for your son to overcome these medical problems. Glad to here that better days are ahead. Will keep asking the Divine Physician to be a part of his complete and speedy recovery.
    Trish B in KY