Monday, July 7, 2014

Blendabilities & Beautiful Bunch

This card was inspired by Justin Krieger's card found here.  If you clicked the link you're probably thinking that these cards don't look very similar.  That's true, but I borrowed his idea of stamping leaves behind the flower.  Actually, figuring out which leaves would work best (since I don't have the set he used) was the most difficult part of this card.  These are from the Flower Patch stamp set.

I colored the flower from Beautiful Bunch (of course it has a coordinating punch) with Cherry Cobbler Blendabilities.  I like to start with the darkest - in this case the medium shade - and then finish with the lightest color.  I basically colored the dark lines of the stamped image with the medium shade and finished off the petals with the lightest shade.  I also think it works best to color one petal at a time.

The center is colored with Daffodil Delight Blendabilities.  Again, I started with the darkest shade around the little black lines coming from the center.  I finished the outer petals with the medium shade.  The very center is colored with the lightest shade.

Here are a few "housekeeping" tips when working with Blendabilities:

1)  Be sure to have something under the paper.  The ink is intended to saturate the paper which is why the colors blend so well.  However, this can also lead to a little saturation through the card stock onto your work surface.  It's permanent, so you really want to be careful.

2)  The caps are a little tight on the markers.  When you pull them off, hold the Blendabilities away from you.  Why?  Because you may get a couple of Cherry Cobbler droplets on your clothes.  Ask me how I know.  It doesn't happen every time, but it did happen to me with this card. 

Two small drops of deep red ink on my new khaki shorts.  I was able to get every bit out by saturating and blotting the stain with rubbing alcohol (since they're alcohol based, water isn't going to work at all).  Once the stain was faded to the point I could barely see it, I poured a little color-safe Clorox on the spots and washed them immediately with regular detergent and hot water.  They look good as new!  Here's my disclaimer...I suppose the rubbing alcohol could remove the color from your clothes, so proceed with caution.  In my case, I had nothing to lose.

3)  Be sure to keep the lids on your markers at all times so they don't dry out.  Seems silly, but what if the phone rings or you have another distraction - kids - and you forgot you left them open?  These will dry out faster than water-based markers.  Protect your investment!

4)  I mentioned above that I started with the darkest shade first.  Some people color the entire area with the lightest color and then go back with the darker shades.  I'm thinking this approach may mean that my lightest shade could be used up before the others.  So, I'm going to try to use them in somewhat "equal" parts where possible.  Just a thought.

Here's everything I used:

Beautiful Bunch.
Four You
Flower Patch

Cherry Cobbler Card Stock
     5-1/2x8-1/2 Card Base
Whisper White Card Stock
     5x3-3/4 Large Layer
     3x3 Flower
All Abloom DSP Stack
     5x1 Strip at Top

Cherry Cobbler Blendabilities (Light and Medium)
Daffodil Delight Blendabilities (All Shades)
Tuxedo Black Memento Stamp Pad
Mossy Meadow Stamp Pad

Fun Flower Punch
Hello Honey Stitched Satin Ribbon
Stampin Dimensionals
Glue Dot

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  1. Very pretty card! I like your description of how you used the blendabilities - very helpful! And kudos to you for getting that ink out of your shorts - good thinking to use rubbing alcohol! I'll have to file that nugget of info somewhere in case that happens to me!

    1. Thanks, Naomi! Google can be a helpful tool. :) I think I searched "removing alcohol ink from fabric."